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With rapid resource depletion and aging population, we need creative solutions for everyday problems to save ourselves and the planet earth.


We tap into human Ingenuity and apply creativity to identify high-impact problems and envision solutions.


We research - ideate - build - learn - share insights on building concepts, prototypes and products that use sensor technologies and machine intelligence.

Our Approach

How we approach opportunities with human intelligence

Finding Intent

Our approach to finding the customer intent is unique. We believe the problem is half solved when we find what the customer is trying to achieve. We go all out to meet, talk, observe, understand our customers during the discovery process.

Building Products

We build products. PERIOD. All the strategy, discussions, meetings and lengthy specifications don't go anywhere if those great thoughts are not transformed into tangible products. It is our ability to focus on moving from imagination to implementation that we are super proud of.

Following Journey

The story is in the journey they say. It is the customer journey that has the clues to finding real opportunities. We go all out to follow end-user journey while envisioning products. Get-Out-Of-The-Building is our motto when it comes to following customer journey.

How we build solutions using machine intelligence

Machine Vision

What if machines could see? This is a fascinating question that enabled huge amounts of research. We focus on machine vision to solve very interesting problems.

Machine Navigation

What if machines could find their way around? With the advancement of sensor and drive mechanisms, we are able to realize this quickly.

Machine Learning

What if machines could learn? Algorithms of all sorts enable this and there are many platforms. We help our clients realize this dream.

Our Services

What we are extremely good at...


We love to give life to new ideas through concepts and prototypes. Our strengths are in sensors, actuators, electronics, edge devices and machine learning with a tinge of web and mobile front-ends.


Our collaborative space provides a cozy creative platform for idea stage startups. Our work areas, product studios, conference rooms, breakout areas and pantry room provide perfect ambience to unleash your creative thoughts.


We deliver inspiring speeches to students, developers, faculties, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our ability to contextualize technology trends to business strategy makes us very special and much desired.


We undertake trainings and workshops on a selective basis. But, when we take up, we tailor it to customer needs. These could be from informative sessions to a deep-dive hands-on workshops.


Our consulting engagements are CxO advisory services specifically focused on innovation, incubation, solutioning, architecture, engineering and product management.


ideas are just 1% of the innovation game, while 99% is execution. Yet, they are important in the innovation journey. We support our clients to make sure they explore enough and generate multitude of ideas using proven frameworks and methodologies.

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Let's Connect

Our Clients

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Our Skills

A sampler of technologies we are good at... though not an exhaustive list...

Sensors & Actuators 99%
Edge Computing 95%
Machine Learning90%
Machine Vision80%
Web Applications80%

Our Work

When we engage, we create magic using human potential and technology...

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  • Training
  • Incubating
  • Speaking
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering
  • Exploring

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